An article written by DigiSama staff member Spike3007

Server News + Monster Apocalypse Event

I didn’t mean that going through PoetryInChaos is weird, but if you report stuff to the admins we need more detail than “This is too difficult.” If you don’t like the event at all I apologize, but try to find something else to play in the mean time as we are working hard to get the official Digisama map updated (not to 1.3, just an overhaul). No whitelist or ranks right now so feel free to check out the chaos. PvP and raiding is encouraged and Factions is also installed.

IP: DigiSamaCraft.ProvisionHost.com


[Minecraft] Monster Apocalype Event

If you’ve logged on to the server recently you may have noticed that we have a new map. This is not a permanent thing, but it will be on-going until we finalize the overhaul for the official DigiSama server. During the event PvP and Raiding is allowed. We have Factions installed so team up with your friends and try to survive the onslaught. If you like the idea of this event please give us feedback so we can work hard to make it more fun. If you don’t like it, remember its only temporary. Watch this site and my YouTube channel for updates regarding the server. We hope to have everything back to “normal” soon.

Spike’s Adventures at Phoenix Comicon 2012

So I went to Phoenix Comicon 2012 this past Memorial Day weekend. Here’s a breakdown of what happened.

I made a mask using 30cm by 30cm laminated panels attached to a foam board box via Velcro. That way I can change my “skin” whenever I feel like it. It was a good prototype but I already have some better ideas for next time.

Minecraft mask panels.

Thumbs up for America.

I made it to Phoenix at some point on Friday afternoon. I don’t remember the exact time, but I know it was a couple hours later than I originally told my friend I’d be there. We rode the Lightrail to the convention center and man this place was busy.

We wandered the floor for a while looking at the people in costumes, the comic artists, and vendors selling all sorts of nerdy goodness.