Humble THQ Bundle

Humble THQ Bundle

Guys! This is one of the best Humble Bundles to show up in a long while. You have no excuses, check it out. Pay whatever you want and it helps charity.
Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction Armageddon, Company of Heroes +Opposing Fronts +Tales of Valor. If you pay more than the average (which at the time of typing this is $5.54 US) you get Saints Row: The Third. All of which are through Steam codes.

We now have Ventrilo!

Due to the fact that we have people on Minecraft and Guild Wars 2, perhaps wish to chat with someone playing something else, and the fact that Skype only goes so far. We are now in the trial run forĀ  a dedicated Ventrilo server.

Don’t have Vent? Download the client here: Ventrilo Client

Then go visit this page (also in the side-bar): Digisama Ventrilo

Let us know how you like it, feedback will determine if we keep it running or not.